27 December 2007

Books that inspire you to travel

As I enjoy reading & travelling I thought I might double the enjoyment by finding some books to insire my travels. I don't mean the trusty Lonely Planet or Footprint guide, but rather a novel or travel account that will let you can soak up the atmosphere before you even reach the airport, or even add a little spice to the experience while you are there.

On my wish list for places to visit in 2008 are Rome (taking my 11 year old son there for a long weekend), Lebanon (friend moving there soon), Ethiopia (friends who do aid work may be sent there) and Malaysia (possible family holiday this summer).

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1 comment:

Mark Benson said...

Travel Books and reading material encourages the travellers to select between destinations and spend a splendid holiday trip. I took a cheap flight to New Zealand last year, and my inspiration to travel to this Oceania paradise was a book which described New Zealand quite perfectly to me.