24 June 2008

Street entertainment in Piazza Navona - in Rome

Piazza Navona in Rome is a fun place to wander around and relax as it's a centre for musicians and street-artists who come to entertain the crowds here. We sat in front of the Bernini sea gods of Fontagna del Moro and listened to a band but the larger Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi in the centre of the Piazza was under renovation when we were there.

There are plenty of those moving statues that come to life as soon as you drop a coin at their feet, or entice you in to have a photo taken with them.

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Jeff said...

Every European city I have been to has street performers of one fashion or another. I can't quite say which is my favorite, but I love the circus-type performers (doing crazy stunts), the musicians, and these human statues. I always wonder what else they do -- like the one in your pictures in Rome, does she live in Rome? Does she backpack around Europe performing? Does she speak several languages? Does she have a job? It's always so interesting to watch a crowd form around a particular performer -- it makes for some great pictures, a few laughs, and wonderful memories in the company of friends and/or family!

Nomadic Matt said...

I think Barcelona has the best of these! But when I was in the piazza there was this guy in a business suit dressed like he was walking against the wind. It was very cool. Not as cool as the "guy on the toiler" in barcelona but still cool nonetheless.