29 June 2008

A visitor from Riga

I've written before about meeting the locals in Valencia through Hospitality Club, a social networking site that links travellers looking for accomodation or local knowledge of the places they visit. This weekend we've been hosting Matiss, a student from Riga and it was my turn to show him some of Bristol's landmarks.

Always ready to research places to visit I asked Matiss to give me his list of top things he would recommend to a visitor to Riga and here are his suggestions.

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Jenny said...

I've heard of the Aquapark a few years ago, I wonder if the place is still good.

Nomadic Matt said...

I have heard only good things about riga. You've cemenated my desire to go there.

mmmatze said...

aka mightymightymatze: nice one. jurmala was great, the water was so warm. just loved the beach.