26 July 2008

Sardinia - here we come !

I'm so sorry my postings have been a little sparse in the last month or two. I confess that a new job since May has taken up most of my energy and left me feeling in dire need of a holiday.

Our previous plans for Ethiopia are postponed as our friends are back in the UK, so a quick tour of the Easyjet website was required to find a suitable alternative. The main criteria were cheap flights, warm weather, and a few activities that teenagers might enjoy.

Sardinia is a large island off the toe of Italy, just south of Corsica, and looked ideal. Both my neighbours and my sister had visited and enjoyed their holidays there. So Sardinia it was.

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Travels and Tours said...

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jen laceda said...

have a wonderful vacation! Sardinia looks glorious!!

Jeff said...

This sounds and looks like an amazing vacation! How did you choose Sardinia in particular, out of all of the amazing places throughout Europe (especially Italy)? Do you speak any Italian? I am sure your vacation will be a lot of fun, especially if you're staying at a resort! Have a great time!

Nomadic Matt said...

enjoy your trip! thanks for having me and i sent over the guest blog!