29 July 2008

A visit from Nomadic Matt

For a couple of days last week we hosted Matt, a fellow blogger and traveller who I met though the internet. Matt has developed a great website called Nomadic Matt's Travel site with tips, tales and photos from his travels and was in the UK for a few weeks on his European tour, so I invited him to call in and see us in Bristol.

As you'd expect, Matt is a pretty relaxed and experienced traveller and it was interesting to compare notes on our different approaches to travel. I discovered that while I might study the guide book avidly and make a mental list of places to see, Matt's approach is to turn up, get a map and then wander around wherever the fancy took him. I noticed that he still managed to take in all the major sites of interest but they came to him as a charming surprise as if he was the first person to stumble upon them.

I asked Matt to share with me the things he had enjoyed most while visiting Bristol and it's picturesque cousin, Bath and here is his list;

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1 comment:

laradunston said...

Oh but how can you tell us about that fabulous Moroccan restaurant without telling us the name. A good travel writer (blogger) always grabs a business card. I have a feeling you want to keep this one a secret gem! :)

Sounds like you both had a super time! Nice post!