21 January 2008

Blogs to enhance your travels

I've come late to this whole blogging thing - I'm of the generation that can still remember when computers took up a whole room. So I decided to take a peep at what other travel bloggers might be up to and shamelessly steal their best ideas to improve my own posts.

Being nothing if not methodical I started off with a few blogs, checked out their blog lists, then checked out their blog lists, then.... you get the picture. The whole process was pretty tedious to tell you the truth and once I got going the lists seemed never-ending.

But then it dawned on me that it could be fun to use these blogs like a friendly resident who can guide you on their home turf, and take you to the places most tourists would miss. So now I've spent hours wading through all those blogs and hand-picked this list of my favorites to help us all when we go travelling.

This post has now moved to my new travel blog at Heatheronhertravels.com



silken said...

hi heather. thanks for stopping by my blog last week. I can't believe you slept near a smoking volcano!

I wrote a short post on your blog and hope to get back to visit before too long.

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Thank you so much for including me in your round up. I am flattered:-)

bleeding espresso said...

You *were* meticulous and we are all grateful--lots of new places for me to explore thanks to your hard work, so thanks!

And thanks for the mention as well :)

taamarbuuta said...

Thank you for including me as well! I really appreciate it - and a lovely post overall :)

-Suzie- said...

Thank you for mentioning me in China. I like your round up. It is nice to meet old and new blogging friends here!

Prêt à Voyager said...

Ooohhhh, can't wait to explore more!

Danilo Hadek said...

Where it is the 2nd picture? It's a nice one!

You just should come to Brazil, we got nice places too!! :))

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