25 January 2008

Sleeping under a smoking volcano

My fellow bloggers Silken on Places to Go and Milton Ramirez on Global Voices alerted me that Mt Tungurahua in Ecuador has been erupting again. It brought back memories of my visit to Ecuador in October 2007 when I slept on the slopes of this smoking volcano.

I stayed with two friends in the fabulous hotel spa of Luna Runtun perched high on the slopes of Mt Tungurahua. Our night at the spa was our one concession to luxury, on a trip where the typical accomodation was a tent on a sandbank beside the Rio Bobonaza (but that's another story).

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silken said...

wow! great story, thanks for sharing! I think it would be at least a little unnerving looking out the window to see the plumes of smoke rising from the "throat of fire"!!

TonNet said...

Magnificent pictures! Thanks for the credits. Hope you come back to Ecuador soon.