7 January 2008

New Year in the forest (2)

With Christmas behind us, our holiday season continued with our family gathering at Centerparcs (or Stalag Luft as my husband had affectionately re-named it). The pre-bookings had been changed numerous times to accomodate fluctuating numbers, a food mountain ordered from Tesco, the cobwebs brushed off our bikes and all manner of sporting equipment assembled.

Finally we arrived at the appointed time (3pm) and experienced a warm welcome and efficient check-in, although my sister arriving half an hour later got stuck in a traffic jam and arrived a little more frazzled. Our two adjoining cabins were cosy and well laid out, each one set a little apart and surrounded by pine forest. Getting everything unloaded and cars removed to the car-park in the drizzle and darkness did make me feel a little grumpy. But any bad mood melted away the next day when we woke to find the winter sun filtering through the forest around us and we set out to explore the world of Centerparcs.

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