1 February 2008

Bristol and Places I have never been

I love to use this blog to escape the grey winter days in Bristol and travel in my imagination to places where the sun always shines. It seems that designer Jennifer Hill of Places I have never been has a similar idea, gathering inspiration from around the world to use in her designs. I love her latest cards inspired by the orange blossom of Andalucia, a place I'm hoping to visit this spring -see my post Spring sunshine in Valencia.

It set me thinking about the inspiration that Jennifer and other artists might find in my home town of Bristol.

Our balloon fiesta held every August is a riot of bright colours and interesting shapes. I remember how one summer evening we took a picnic out on to the green space of 'the downs', to watch the balloons drifting over the Avon Gorge, only to be forced to scatter as an enormous bag-piper descended rapidly onto our picnic spot.

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JHill said...

fantastic inspiration! i love the architecture and the boats in the harbor. Hmmmm.... that could be a cool pattern....

Alan Roberta said...

Great pottery Work. I am handicraft manufacturer and looking for handicraft partners globally through this website.