15 February 2008

Turtles and plastic bags

I came across these colourful turtle bags in my favourite organic emporium, Fresh and Wild this week and they caught my imagination. I'd been feeling guilty about the amount of plastic bags we were using after reading an article in the Guardian about the campaign to banish them in the Devon town of Modbury.

Rebecca Hosking, a wildlife camerawoman, managed to convince the residents of her home town of Modbury to say no to plastic bags after filming a documentary about the terrible environmental impact they were having on marine life in Hawaii. These colourful string bags seemed the answer and I promptly bought one for my mother and two for me. They're small enough to scrunch up in a pocket and looking so pretty it would hardly be a hardship to use them.

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1 comment:

Xander said...

Those bags are great- they definitely add a little tropical styling to a mundane activity. -X