13 February 2008

A walk to Kings Weston - in Bristol

The Victoria and Albert museum in London once ran with the controversial slogan - an ace caff with quite a nice museum attached. The art world spluttered into it's collective tea-cup at the thought that a nice cup of Earl Grey could be more important than the riches of art and design on offer.

However, I rather like the idea that it's the all-round experience that counts. After all, why trudge across a muddy field if you can find a walk with a healthy dose of history, poetry, sculpture and a lemon drizzle cake at the end?

The walk from Blaise Castle to Kings Weston that I made last weekend fits the bill on all counts and I'll share the highlights with you, just in case you'd like to take a walk too.

We started at the car park of Blaise castle estate, which was teeming with Bristolians out for their afternoon of family fun. When my children were tiny the café was a small hatch and a few tired swings and slides passed for a playground. Now, thanks to lottery funding, the park has been revamped with a shiny new steel café with a water-fall running down one side, poetry etched in the glass windows and a quirky scrap metal dog, keeping guard over it all.

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