21 February 2008

Fairtrade fortnight - coming soon to a world near you

Food lovers get ready - Fairtrade fortnight starts next Monday 25 February in Bristol and throughout the UK and runs until 9 March. If you're the kind of person who enjoys your food and cares about how it's produced, then I'm sure you'll already know all about Fairtrade.

But just in case it's passed you by, let me fill you in - Fairtrade is all about making sure that producers in developing countries get a fair price for their produce with a premium to invest back into their community. Fairtrade is big in coffee, tea, chocolate and bananas, but it also covers many other foods and even cotton, clothing and handicrafts.

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1 comment:

Trinifood said...

I wish more people would make the choice to buy fairtrade. I was glad to hear that Tate and Lyle has decided to source its sugar from Fairtrade sources, big step for the movement.