1 May 2008

Cakes from the Pasticceria - in Rome

Since returning from Rome I've been suffering from withdrawal symptoms. An inexplicable longing for a custard filled pastry, a miniature choux bun or one of those darling macaroons.

You see, right opposite our hotel was the neighbourhood Pasticceria, and each morning it called to me, to stock up on a few pastries, just in case the hunger pangs should strike mid-morning.

Of course, my son insisted on eating one of those open cream cakes there and then to chase his breakfast down - after all they would be too squishy to carry around.

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1 comment:

Teacher Girl said...

Hi Heather,
I have loved your posts about Rome. I visited for the first time at Christmas and it was love at first sight. We stayed in a little town outside the city and took the train into Rome each morning. I was undone by the beauty of the churches and, like you, we ate extremely well. Italy is my favourite travel destination thus far and I suspect its place at the top of my travel list will not be usurped!
We have great pastry shops in Barcelona as well, though, and there's one particular shop in our neighbourhood where we are considered regulars. The woman at the counter even tells me when "my man" has been in before me and what he purchased. So sweet!