12 May 2008

Some blogging collaborations

Not content with posting on Heather on her travels, I've been putting myself about the blogsphere these last couple of weeks in collaborations with other bloggers, which you might like to check out.

Firstly thanks to Karen from Europe a la Carte for featuring my post on cycling in the Turia Gardens in Valencia on the May Carnival of Europe. There was plenty of other good stuff too - I particularly enjoyed the post on Five most unusual buildings including three in Europe - the pictures have to be seen to believed.

Shannon from Travelling Mamas also wrote about her trip to see Stonehenge, not too far from me, and she obviously felt as disappointed at the crowds and the theme park atmosphere as I felt on my visit to the Colisseum in Rome. As locals we don't feel the need to visit these places because they are so overcrowded and 'touristy' yet when in the area as visitors we feel we can't go home without ticking them off our list.

Karen's also asked me to cover the Carnival of Europe for her while she's off on her travels in Italy, so next month the Carnival will come to you from Heather on her travels. I've already had some great stuff sent to me but please keep the posts coming on anything to do with travel in Europe (by Sunday 25 May) and I'll be posting the best ones on 2nd June. You can make your submissions here.

I've also been in collaboration this week with Kim from Wild about Travel + Writing blog. Kim's currently in South Africa and she featured some ideas in this post for offbeat things to do in South Africa from her book, Offbeat South Africa - the travel guide to the wacky and wonderful.

Kim also featured ideas for offbeat things to do around the world in this post, including my ideas for following the Slave Trail around Bristol. You can also go Yarn tasting in California, explore the waterways around Lisbon, go kayaking in Manhattan and go for a pub crawl in Edinburgh.

I have a few more collaborations in the pipeline but I'll let you know once they're posted on the web in the next few weeks.

Thanks to Leesean, Rob Ball, and magro_kr on Flickr for the photos.

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