28 May 2008

Piggy street art - in Bath

As we wandered round Bath at the weekend, I kept noticing these colourful painted pigs which are part of a street art project in Bath, called King Bladud's pigs.

Apparently in Once-upon-a-time-land, there lived a prince called Bladud who contracted leprosy on his travels. Realising that he couldn't inherit the kingdom, he left home with his herd of pigs who also caught the disease.

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Christine Gilbert said...

Ah so cute. They have the pigs on parade in Seattle, but these are even cuter. I like the very modern angular design.

Prêt à Voyager said...

I too saw the bears in Berlin. A couple years ago they had crabs in Baltimore. I love this stuff as it promotes creativity and it kind of a "where's waldo" search as you move around a city.


laradunston said...

In Dubai they have an annual public art project using camels and falcons. Love the camels! One year an artist covered one in Swarovski crystals which was so Dubai.

And of course, as you pointed out there are the bears and the cows, in Switzerland, which is where I'm to understand it all started.