3 May 2008

The crowds at the Colisseum - in Rome

By the time we arrived at the Collisseum it was late morning - much later than we'd planned. We'd decided to walk from our hotel near St Peter's and inevitably there were a few stops on the way.

As we approached the Vittorio Emmanuele monument in Piazza Venezia we came across some sort of public ceremony in progress. Camera crews were in attendance, soldiers were standing to attention and war veterans were on parade with their medals. My parents had come across a similar occasion on a recent trip to Amsterdam and by hanging around, had been rewarded with a glimpse of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands greeting a visiting Head of State.

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Prêt à Voyager said...

Ah, these pictures take me back to my time in Rome. The semester before I visited the city I had taken a Roman art & architecture class. Made seeing the real deal so exciting!


Mark H said...

Rome is tricky: so many of the things to see must be visited first (Vatican Museum, St Peters, Colosseum, Pantheon) to avoid the crowds. I guess we need more mornings and less afternoons.