4 May 2008

Grazie Mille for the carnival mentions

I'm still catching up with myself after my recent trip to Rome, so forgive me if I've only just got round to saying Grazie for a couple of mentions I got in the last few weeks on various Blog carnivals.

My post about a contemplative lunch at Bristol Cathedral was featured on the Carnival of Travellers at Flyaway cafe for their theme on local attractions.

Among the other posts featured I enjoyed Ester Garvi's on the Baobab forest in Nigeria where she works as part of the Eden Foundation. On exploring some of her other posts, I felt very humbled to read about the work being done to improve agriculture in this arid area and the sense of fun and fellowship of the local people of the Tanout region.

I also enjoyed wandering around the Cathedral square in Strasbourg with Christine from Me, my kid and life - it looks like the sort of place that would be great for a winter break. Before I knew it I was checking out how I could get there from Bristol and whether they have a Christmas market.

Keep your eyes peeled for the May carnival of Travellers from Flyaway Cafe which will be on the theme of local events.

Thanks also to the Carnival of Cities hosted at Family Travel which included my post about the Bullfighting museum in Valencia.

I enjoyed reading one of the featured posts from Innovative Traveller on why people should not be terrified of travelling with children. Travelling with children is a dilemma I struggle with, especially as my teenagers would often rather be at home with their friends - I wrote about it here. I've concluded that it's impossible to satisfy everyone, so you have to compromise or go without them, which is now becoming more of a possibility as they get older.

Thanks to mooncross on Flickr for the photo of Strasbourg.

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Esther Garvi said...

I'm glad your blog founds it way to Niger! Maybe one day, you'll pass by in person too..?

Greetings from Zinder