7 April 2008

Travelling with the teens - in Valencia

Here's what my teenage children like on holiday

- A long lie in (they are on holiday after all)
- Familiar food to eat. Pizza or pasta is fine, Paella is pushing it.
- Lots of shopping on the high street (Corte Ingles, Zara, Mango)
- As little sightseeing as possible
- On tap internet access to keep in touch with their friends

Here's what I like on holiday

- Getting out the door early to beat the crowds
- Trying out the local tapas in a back street bodega
- Lots of shopping in the unusual back street boutiques and artizan stores
- Seeing all the interesting historic sights and museums.
- On tap internet access to answer e-mails and write my blog

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Jeffrey said...

Hi, I'm new to your blog, but found your message to be quite inspiring. I think the anticipation of travel, the next stop on your journey, is definitely just as good as when you finally arrive. As soon as I see the wonderful sites in a new place, I take so many pictures and think about the different things that I can do that will distinguish this place from all others I have been to previously. I read up on the culture and must-see sites in each location I visit when i'm traveling.

I know that I would be in such anticipation if I were to go to Valencia in time to experience Las Fallas, Semana Santa, or La Tomatina -- all unique sides of Spanish culture in Valencia.

Do you and your children also speak Spanish? It's very satisfying to be able to integrate into a new place/culture by speaking the language of the locals.

Even if I do one cool thing in every new place I go to, I'm happy that I have created a new memory there.

Heatheronhertravels said...

Thanks for the comments Jeffrey and glad you're enjoying the blog.

I'm a beginner in Spanish and my son is also learning - one of the reasons we chose Valencia.

I see you have a Language school in Valencia - there are similar ones in Bristol and we have hosted language students in our home before. All part of the great cultural exchange!

Prêt à Voyager said...

Great comment from your kids!