7 April 2008

Muchas Gracias for the mention

I'll break off my Valencia blogging for a moment to say Muchas Gracias for a couple of mentions I got in the last week from fellow bloggers.

Olivia from High Culture on a Low Budget has started doing an Ask the Local slot featuring recommendations from creative types on low budget things to enjoy on their home patch. I was honoured to be Olivia's first guest and give you a few recommendations from Bristol. You can read all my tips here.

Read more of this article on my new travel blog at Heatheronhertravels.com

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Gledwood said...

It looks really lovely out there in Valencia

Gledwood said...


Karen Bryan said...

I know I'm lucky to work in a room with a view over the River Tweed and the Royal Border Bridge in Berwick. I hope that some of your readers will submit their views to Anthony's blog.

Great view from your hostel in Valencia.

I really liked your interview on Olivia's blog with your tips for seeing Bristol on a budget.