22 April 2008

L'Oceanographic - in Valencia

On the second day of our visit to Valencia, the weather was grey and overcast, so we decided that an indoor adventure would be in order. We walked along to the City of Arts and Sciences, close to our hotel and headed for the Oceanographic or Aquarium. After wandering around the gardens and aviary we descended into the watery underworld and gazed at countless shoals of fish, sharks and rays drifting past us in the huge tanks.

We passed through the glass underwater tunnel and gazed at the beluga whale who was studiously ignoring the diver vacuuming the floor of his enclosure - even aquariums have their household chores. The place was packed with excited school-children on their summer outing. My children made friends with the residents of the aquarium, giving them nicknames like Mike the Shark, Ray the stinger, Lipsy (a little fish with big lips) and a pair of penguins called Nipper and Napper.

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