15 April 2008

Old town Valencia and street-art

On leaving the metro from the airport we decided to trundle our suitcases through the Barrio Carmen, the older residential part of central Valencia, taking in the warm evening air. My impression was of a well lived in and slightly scruffy old quarter and down every other alley-way we caught a glimpse of a plot of land, empty and waiting to be build on.

Like gaps in a smile the sites seemed to be where some old building had been demolished and was now waiting for a shiny new apartment block to take its place. Unlike some other European cities where the old quarter would be polished and protected, the Valencians seemed to be quite relaxed about their heritage. Here what we would think of as old and picturesque doesn't necessarily seem to be considered as better.

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Prêt à Voyager said...

I'm such a sucker for "street art"- so much nicer than tagging. Nice shots!


Loz in Translation said...

Indeed! From the street art to the climbing walls. Valencia is wall to wall fun.