5 April 2008

Welcome to Valencia

Easyjet brought us safely to Valencia, an easy modern airport. A painless and cheap €1.80 Metro journey took us in 20 minutes to the city centre and spilled us out to the evening air, somewhat warmer than the misty Bristol we had left. We emerged onto Calle Calon in the major shopping district of Valencia, bustling with people hurrying home from their Saturday shopping or just wandering to take the evening air.

There were taxis to be found, but thinking that 5 people + cases might not fit into one small car, we decided to walk across the old town to our hostel for tonight at Home Backpackers. It should have been 20 minutes, had we known our way, but we consulted the map, asked several friendly Valencians and found ourselves eventually in the Bario Carmen, the centre of nightlife here in Valencia.

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