14 April 2008

Stokes Croft - an epicentre of eccentricity?

I'm breaking off my Valencia postings momentarily to share with you an interesting video that's come my way from a group called Bristol 5 on 1. You remember that in March I wrote about the street-art that's springing up all around the Stokes Croft area of Bristol.

Now here's a video interview with Chris Chalkley, the brains behind the People's Republic of Stokes Croft. Graffiti can get a mixed press, and I for one hate to see tagging defacing some beautiful old building or piece of sculpture.

But the idea here is to provide a space for street-art within the community and use it as a catalyst for the re-generation the area. The hope is to make Stokes Croft an 'epicentre of eccentricity' as a way of fighting off the forces of bland high street commercialism, developing derelict buildings into a community and artistic centre, rather than yet more offices or luxury flats. Perhaps its an idea that could work in other cities around the world - what do you think?

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