9 April 2008

An evening out with Angel - in Valencia

In the evening we met up with our new friend in Valencia, Angel, for dinner. We asked him to recommend a typical Spanish restaurant and he led us to a place tucked down a small street close to the Palacio del Marques de dos Aguas which houses the Ceramics museum.

We deliberated a while as to whether the children would find something they liked on the menu, but on ordering we realised that we shouldn't have worried. The Spanish like fresh food, simply cooked and so there was no problem finding plain grilled chicken or steak served with either chips, salad or vegetables (I'm sure you can't guess which of the three accompaniments the children chose).

We also ordered some jamon (air dried ham) and local cheese as well as a couple of seafood starters to share. I had a selection of fried fish and my husband had a slow cooked lamb shank. The fish tasted most beautifully fresh and nothing was left on the childrens' plates.

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1 comment:

Teacher Girl said...

It's cool that you were able to make a local friend in Valencia. When we met Suzi (actually spelled Szuszi) on the train from Budapest to Prague, I gained a much better understanding of what life is like for young Hungarians.

The photo of the salad with the egg and olives is so typical... that's the salad I would have with my meal at most typical eateries here in Barcelona. Have you tried pinxo? I recomemnd it!

Thanks for all of the Valencia tips and recommendations!