9 April 2008

Lunch at La Beneficencia - in Valencia

For our last day we had thought to try out the traditional Valencian paella in one of the beach side restaurants, but there was rain in the night and the day dawned a little damp and cloudy. Instead, we headed into the old town once more, for lunch at La Beneficencia which had been highly recommended by our Valencian friend, Angel.

When he first e-mailed me the suggestion I couldn't work out where it was, but then I realised it was actually the restaurant within the Museo de Prehistoria y de la Culturas de Valencia, otherwise known as La Beneficencia. To save our weary feet we took the No 5 bus from Calle Colon which circles the old town, following the route of the old city walls.

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Wendy said...

Looks delicious!

laradunston said...

Love the way you've shown us the food like this! What great value, too.

Just letting you know I've turned one of your comments into a post: http://cooltravelguide.blogspot.com/2008/04/glamping-is-it-worth-it.html

Marisa said...

Dear Heather,

This is Marisa, from the Restaurant La Beneficencia in Valencia. We were very surprised when we found by chance your blog! We were delighted to see that you dedicated us one of your posts in your very interesting blog, showing many the pictures from our restaurant, our dishes, the courtyard, etc.

We have now a blog ourselves and we linked you and would love to have you as a blogger friend, if you agree, of course!

This is the address: http://www.restaurante-valencia.es/

So far, it's only in Spanish, but we hope we'll be soon able to translate some sections into English, so that more people can follow us!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,
Marisa & Vicente (owners of the Restaurant La Beneficencia).