3 May 2008

Gelato on the Island in the Tiber - in Rome

There are times when you really need a Gelato and this was one of them. After our hot and crowded visit to the Colisseum and Forum we headed towards the river. On the map I spotted the Island in the Tiber and I remembered from Shelley's Gelato Tour that there was a Gelateria to be found here.

Spirits lifted as we rewarded ourselves for all the sightseeing with double scoops - Strawberry and Pistachio for me, and Nutella and Hazelnut for my son.

What a lovely place it was to stop a while and savour each lick while contemplating the view of the Tiber. If you have time, you could go down to the promenade beside the river and sit with a picnic or soak up the sunshine. In the distance you could just see the arches of the Ponte Rotto, an old Roman bridge, now cut off and marrooned mid-stream with nowhere to go.

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Jeffrey said...

This certainly seems like an enchanting place! What a great find! I love gelato, and couldn't get enough of it when I was in Italy...discovering interesting, unspoilt places on your travels is always very exciting, and your pictures certainly help me feel as though I have been there before. Hope the gelato was amazing...I miss it so much :(