13 October 2008

How to eat well in Sardinia

I know that there are plenty of food-loving (or should I say greedy) folk out there, as any time I've written something on food I get lots of Yum Yum comments. So I thought I'd give you the low down on what we ate in Sardinia, remembering that Sardinia is actually a province of Italy, so this is also about eating Italian in general.

Before I went to Rome earlier this year, I have to admit I didn't really get it about eating out in Italy. What I couldn't work out is how you could stuff yourself with all those courses - I mean antipasto, then pasta, then a full main course! If I was at home a plate of pasta would be plenty.

Eating out in Sardinia

But then I realised that;

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1 comment:

Crissa said...

Wow..those gelato makes me really crave for ice cream..