4 October 2008

A free day out in Greenwich - in London

I wrote in an earlier post about how I arrived by river at Greenwich with a friend, on one of the commuter ferries that ply up and down the Thames, giving us a great sightseeing tour en route.

We stepped off onto the ferry pier just as kings and queens of England had done before us, for here was the site of Greenwich Palace, favourite residence of the Tudor monarchs and birthplace of Henry VIII and his daughters Queen Mary I and Queen Elizabeth I. By the 1660s the palace had fallen into disrepair and Charles II ordered it to be demolished and a new palace was started which was eventually incorporated into the Old Royal Naval College, now a University Campus.

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1 comment:

Nomadic Matt said...

that was really informative heather. I didn't know there was so much good stuff in Greenwich. I'm sorry I missed it.