2 October 2008

Friday photo - a toffee seller in Banos, Ecuador

Today I'm bringing you a photo with a story behind it for the Friday photo hosted by Debbie of Delicious Baby.

Toffee maker at Banos

Last October I spent three weeks travelling in Ecuador and one of the nicest places we stayed was the town of Banos. It's in the lowlands between the Andean highlands and the steamy jungle where the river tributaries start their journey to meet the Amazon.

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Dominique said...

Your toffee seller looks very proud of his product. Fun photo...thanks for sharing!

Meg said...

Ok, I would have had no idea Ecuador was a toffee center. Very cool. I learned something new. (Plan to go in about 4 years)

wandermom said...

And a long, long way from Bristol too, right ? (Sometimes I feel amazed at how far I've traveled from home).
Anyway, thanks for posting this. Adding Ecuador to the itinerary for our RTW with kids.

minnemom said...

Beautiful photo. I'm adding you and your travels to my feed reader.

The Q Family said...

oh.. I probably won't be able to resist all those sweet.

-Amy @ The Q Family

Debbie said...

What a fun shot. I make my husband crazy with shops like this... I always have to stop and get a snack.

Thank you for sharing!

Kim@Galavanting said...

I wonder how many blogs Ecuadorian toffee has inspired. Surprising what the little things about travel can do for you. Gorgeous photo.