11 October 2008

Medieval frescos at Orosei - in Sardinia

There are still a couple more things I want to share from my holiday in Sardinia. In fact, I'm trying to complete my Sardinia postings before I head to the Greek island of Zakynthos in a couple of weeks and make you all jealous with more photos of sparkling blue water and (lets hope) sun-kissed beaches.

In medieval times the town of Orosei was a prosporous and thriving port, but over the years the river silted up and the town is now marooned inland from the sea.

Chiesa Sant' Antonio in Orosei

We visited the small medieval church of Sant'Antonio which is a hotch potch of 15th century exterior and restored modern interior. Is sits within a large courtyard lined by small dwellings which were once the place for pilgrims and travellers to rest, and a tower in the centre.

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