31 August 2008

Bandits and Murals at Orgosolo in Sardinia

There seems to be a tradition in the mountain villages of inland Sardinia of painting murals on shops and houses. Sometimes these relate to what the shop sells, other times they're traditional scenes from everyday life. But one place where the murals have started to take over is the village of Orgosolo where the whole village has become an outdoor gallery of street-art.

Murales at Orgosolo

So much so that the village has become a tourist attraction in its own right as people come to see and photograph the murals. As you know I love a good bit of street-art and so it was also high on my wish list to go and see Orgosolo. Unfortunately the children didn't share my enthusiasm and after they'd taken cursory look I left them playing cards in a cafe fuelled by Fanta and gelato, while I wandered around with my husband.

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Mark H said...

I think it is a positive comment on a town or city that they get their walls painted in striking art. The horse mural leaping out of the wall is stunning.

Prêt à Voyager said...

What incredible imagery!