12 August 2008

They're changing the guards at Buckingham Palace

Since my visit to the garden party at Buckingham palace in July, I wanted to see more of the place that the Queen lives and works. The State Rooms of Buckingham Palace were first opened in 1992 to raise money for the damage caused by the fire at Windsor Castle. Now they open in August and September each summer, while the Queen is enjoying her Scottish holiday at Balmoral. I arrived with my son a little early for our tour, and we established ourself in a prime position in front of the palace, hoping to see the changing of the guards, but no guards appeared so we decamped to the nearby St James's park for a picnic.

It reminded me of that poem by AA Milne (see it all here)

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Ivana said...

Hey,it's a great pic.According to you,which is more beautiful?Buckingham or Versailles?hehehe..
anyway,I love your blog and just ask if you want to exchange links with me?I've added your link in my blog: