19 August 2008

A prehistoric village with a sea view at Nuraghe Mannu - in Sardinia

If you look at the map, you can see why the Nuraghic village of Nuraghe Mannu was sighted where it was. Aside from any considerations of an outstanding sea view, it is high on the cliffs at the centre of the crescent shaped Gulf of Orosei, with a ravine dropping away at one side and a mountainous outcrop at it's back. Not much danger of being taken by surprise then.

View from Nuraghe Mannu

You can still climb what remains of the single watch tower which might once have signalled the first signs of danger to a whole series of watch towers along this coast. As you clamber over the fallen walls of square cut basalt stone, you have to imagine the large village that thrived here during the Nuragic age between 1500 and 1000 years BC. At that time the coastal area was a dangerous place to be, under constant threat from raiders from the sea.

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