23 August 2008

Sea caves and a boat trip - in Sardinia

One of the highlights of any stay in Cala Gonone is to take a boat trip in the Gulf of Orosei to visit the many beaches that can only be reached from the sea.

We left at the unfeasibly early hour (for the children) of 10 am, in a largish boat, laden down with picnic, beach towels and plenty of drinking water. The smaller open boats looked inviting, but we soon realised that we had made the better choice, as we were able to take in the views of the coastline from the shady lower deck, rather than being fried in the merciless sun.

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Nomadic Matt said...

looks like you and the family had a great trip. I love the pictures!!

ps- Sorry I have been MIA. Traveling didn't give me enough time to check blogs!!!! I'm back now though!!!

Wendy said...

The water looks gorgeous!

Jeff said...

What an amazing vacation you are having! The photos look amazing. I had no idea there were such beautiful beaches in Italy!

I have never done a boat trip like this on my travels. How did you find it? Do you speak Italian, or do most people in Sardinia speak English?

Next time I go to Italy, I will definitely have to add this to the list of places I want to visit. Thanks!

mgk57 said...

Such beautiful beaches and the caves are really amazing! Wish I was there instead of here.