29 August 2008

Photo Friday - On the beach in Sardinia

Today I'm joining in to Photo Friday with Debbie at Delicious Baby, to highlight those photos I which don't quite fit into any other post but may have an interesting story befind them.

Old folk enjoying the beach

I saw this group of elderly locals on the beach while on holiday this month at Cala Gonone in Sardinia. They made an unusual sight among the families of holiday-makers with their towels and sun umbrellas and as I watched them, I made up a little story in my head.

Grandpa's been suffering from swollen ankles and his doctor, knowing the healthy properties of salt water and sea bathing prescribes a daily bath of his legs in sea water. So after his siesta the small group make their way to the beach and settle him in the deckchair, while his devoted daughter bathes his feet, supported by advice from grandma and friendly chat from a passing neighbour. Grandpa feels pampered and relaxed after his paddle in the sea and returns home feeling much better for having been the centre of attention, just as the doctor knew he would.

Or could there be a completely different story behind this group of old folk enjoying their hour on the beach?

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Soultravelers3 said...

I loved your story as much as the photo. I know just what you mean about photos that do not quite fit into a category!

Dominique said...

Thanks for sharing the photo and the story. I don't think I could improve upon your take on it :)

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing this photo. Making up "back stories" for people is one of my great amusements when I travel too. How clever of you to capture the moment so that you could remember your story and thoughts.