18 August 2008

Swimming in river pools - near Gola Gorruppu in Sardinia

To make a change from the local beach at Cala Gonone where I'm on holiday, we headed inland today, where the terrain quickly becomes rocky and mountainous. West of the town of Dorgali we followed signs for Gorroppu and were soon on an uneven dirt track which gave us a few nervous moments with the hire car. We were heading for Gola di Gorroppu, a deep gorge, where the walls rise steeply to 200m on both sides of the canyon. In spring you must choose your moment carefully to trek here, in case you get swept away by a flash flood.

River near Gola di Gorrupa

On parking the car we crossed the river on a makeshift bridge made of metal pipes and old planks and walked along beside the river full of white boulders and pebbles.

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jen laceda said...

i'm ready to go to Sardinia!! beautiful!