26 September 2008

Friday photo - the view from Richmond Hill

Today I've travelled back to my childhood home of Richmond on the outskirts of London. I'm joining in with Delicious Baby to bring you a Friday photo with a story behind it.

As I walked along the terrace above Richmond Hill to admire the famous view, I paused to chat with an artist who had set up his easel there.

Painting the view from Richmond Hill

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Dominique said...

Loved this shot. I made Tim stop the car and turn around so I could take a shot of a small group of artists (I suspect an art class) painting en plein aire along the Atlantic Ocean in Rhode Island a couple of weeks back.
In fact, I was considering using it for a Photo Friday somewhere down the line :P

I always wish I could be out there painting with artists when I see them outside like this.
It was interesting to hear a different take on painting a pretty outdoors scene.

Meg said...

OMG!! I remember this view (though had no idea what is was or that it was famous)) My husband's grandmum lived nearby and we went for a walk and came across it.

Mara from Motherofalltrips said...

I don't think this gentleman is the first to find Richmond boring; Virginia Woolf complained of the same thing. I've only been there once to see a play and thought it was charming.

I suppose there are worse ways to make a living, even if this has become dull for him!

Nomadic Matt said...

I love the photo heather. Amazing.

DeliciousBaby said...

What a great perspective, and a great way of reminding us not to be so quick to pigeon-hole the places we visit.