13 September 2008

Some cool sculpture in Nuoro - in Sardinia

Here's cool thing No 3 in my series of things worth looking out for if you visit the town of Nuoro in eastern Sardinia.

Underneath it's unassuming exterior, Nuoro has apparently been a hotbed of cultural and artistic activity in the last century, with writers, poets and scultors working in the area. If you walk a few minutes up the hill from the main street, Corso Garibaldi, you arrive at Piazza Satta, named after the famous poet Sebastiano Satta who was born in this neighbourhood.

Sculptures at Piazza Satta in Nuoro

There you will find some rough blocks of granite that have been made into sculptural shapes, and set into them are some smaller bronze figurines, depicting Satta at various stages of his life. They in turn are the work of another well known sculptor from Nuoro called Constantino Nivola whose work can also be found in the Museo d'Arte in Nuoro.

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1 comment:

Mabrook said...

I've been in Sardinia, but didn't see these nice sculptures. It's in the town of Nuoro, I haven't visited it, it's a pity... Next time I'll visit this wonderful place! Thanks for pics.