8 September 2008

A trick of the eye - in Sardinia

I told you that I detected a quiet sense of humour in the Sardinians and a feeling that things are not always what they seem. So take a look at these typical buildings you might find in any Sardinian town or village.

Then do a double take as I did, when you notice the tromp l'oeil effects that have been painted on to catch you out. Cool, don't you think?

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Jeff said...

This is some really beautiful artwork. It's amazing what you can find when exploring the streets of all the cities you visit when traveling. I found some truly amazing artwork while roaming the streets of Granada, Spain a few years ago. It's really fascinating how these small streets with graffiti sprayed on the walls has become a tourist attraction (the graffiti artists can be quite poetic, too)!

Anonymous said...

Wow that is neat. You are right what a sense of humor. Ans it looks beautiful. You t=should think about uploading these pics to baraaza.com, it a new travel site I found a few days ago.