13 September 2008

Some cool biscuits in Nuoro - in Sardinia

Today I'm bringing you the second in my mini-series of cool things I found in the Sardinian town of Nuoro, a place that's a little off the normal tourist trail.

After looking round the Museum of Costume and having a drink in Caffe Tettamanzi in the centre of town I went in search of some food for our picnic lunch, mindful of the fact that everything closes in Sardinia between 1 and 4 pm.

Decorative biscuits in a bakery in Nuoro

Down the road I spotted the sign for a pasticceria or cake shop and made a beeline for it hoping to find some biscuits or pastries for lunch.

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1 comment:

mgk57 said...

The sculptures are really nice, but these sweets are even nicer :) So intricate and they look delicious. Interesting places in Nuoro.