5 November 2008

Friday photo - a politician in the rainforest in Ecuador

Today I'm joining in with the Friday photo at Delicious Baby to bring you a photo from my travels with a story behind it.

With election fever gripping the US (election, what election?) I thought I'd share with you a little grass roots politics from my trip last year to Ecuador.

Luiz Hernandez talks to Students at the high school at Sarayaku

You see, we were lucky enough to be accompanied on our river journey by Luis Hernandez, who was not only our guide, but an aspiring politician who a week previously had been elected to the National Assembly of Ecuador. When we arrived by canoe in the rainforest village of Sarayaku on the Rio Bobonaza, the community invited Luis to address their college students about the new constitution for Ecuador that the Assembly was to write. While we were worrying about anacondas and canoes capsizing, Luis spent his spare time on the river bank reading the constitutions of other South American states, in preparation for his new role as an Asambleísta.

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Dominique said...

Sort of puts our own election and politics into perspective. An interesting glimpse into Ecuador's political system. Thanks for sharing!

Debbie said...

What a great glimpse into the politics of another country. You'll never look @ news about Ecuador in the same way

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Wow- what a find you are! For someone who spent her childhood abroad and misses the many places she called home, you are a treat for sore eyes!

I can see I'll have to do a lot of back reading, but I'm going to enjoy my time here. Your posts are so well written- and the pictures amazing.

Bella :)