15 November 2008

Step back in time at the Dennis Severs' house in London

As I arrived at the Dennis Severs' house in the Shoreditch neighbourhood of London, there was not much to distinguish it from the others in this Georgian Terrace, surrounded by modern office blocks. One of the guardians of the house was waiting just outside and gave us a few words of introduction, requesting that we walk around the candle-lit house in silence to soak up the atmosphere.


The house is a cross between a stage set for an 18th century costume drama and a living museum, where the ghosts of the past have just left the room. The house was created by Californian Denis Severs, who lived in the house, with no electricity or modern conveniences, until his death in 1999. For his own enjoyment he created the house as a sensory experience which would transport visitors away from the 20th century - the house's motto is You either see it or you don't.

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Anonymous said...

So do you reckon it's worth it? I'd never heard of it before until I walked past it a couple of weeks ago - and am planning to check it out before I leave

Heatheronhertravels said...

It cost £12 but if you enjoy history, old houses, beautiful objects and a bit of fairytale make believe, then it would be worth it for you. I think to go by Candlelight in the run up to Christmas would be magical. There are also times when it's a bit cheaper.

Wendy said...

I love the way the bed is unmade.

Catherine said...

As a Londoner who feels she knows London very well, I was surprised to read about this place as I have never heard of it... I will try and check it out when I am back in London over Xmas...thanks