23 November 2008

Kapawi Ecolodge at the World Travel Market

When I visited the World Travel Market last week, I looked around the Ecuador stand and got chatting to the folks from the Kapawi ecolodge in Ecuador.

When I was in Ecuador last October, we ended our river journey at Kapawi, in Achuar territory on the River Pastaza, where we took a small aircraft to fly us back to the airport at Shell. As the weather was too bad for the plane to land, we stayed the night at Kapawi village, where the president of the community invited us for supper in his home and gave us permission to sleep in one of the school houses. The ecolodge is set by a lagoon, a little away from the main village, and we didn't get the chance to visit, but I'd heard all about it.

On the Kapawi stand at the World Travel Market, London
Heather with Kistupa Peas from the Kapawi ecolodge

The Achuar own the Natural Reserve in which Kapawi is situated and have made a strategic decision to say no to the logging and oil drilling that would destroy the natural rainforest environment. We had seen for ourselves the changes that logging can bring earlier in the day, when we visited the town of Andaos, down the river and just over the border into Peru. Here the palm roofed traditional houses had been replaced by shops, hotels and houses with corregated iron roofs, and the rainforest had all but disappeared.

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Anonymous said...

Your photos are lovely- stunning. Do you ever want to move to one of these places?

bella :)

Wendy said...

That's quite the unplanned detour.

Nomadic Matt said...

saw you have revolution themes? i use them too! we could have gotten a discount!!! if you need help let me know.

marina said...

wow, i missed ecuador when i traveled thru south america, and now really regret. however, i do plan on going to see what you just saw. it's amazing.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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