27 March 2008

Blue hearts and ghost-bikes - ways to remember the dead

As we travelled south from Quito along the Pan-American highway, it dawned on me that the front of the bus might not have been the best choice of seat. As if to demonstrate their machismo, the Ecuadorian bus drivers specialise in overtaking all other vehicles, preferably up hill and into the oncoming traffic. Every so often we could see blue hearts or Corazon Azul, painted on the road to mark where someone had died in a car crash. Sometime we would see a group of four or five together - large ones for adults, smaller ones for children. They are part of a campaign by the government in Ecuador to make people aware of the dangers of reckless driving.

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Wendy said...

One of my favorites festivals from around the world in Day of the Dead, which is a big deal in Mexico. It's a different way of honoring the deceased and not at all morbid. I've written about it and plan to be in Mexico later this year when it takes place.
Have a great trip to Rome. Look forward to seeing what you write about it.

Anonymous said...

Hello Heather!
Just came back from Thailand yesterday. What an amazing place!
I was just checking my blog status and saw that you nominated me for a 2008 Travvies Award!

Thank you so much!!!! I'm going to get busy making some nominations of my own and you're definitely going to in there if you haven't been nominated already. I always learn something new on your blog!

Ciao Bella!

Teacher Girl said...

Hi Heather!

The description of your white-knuckle bus ride in Ecuador took me back to my year in Cali, Colombia. I remember, only too well, the beautiful little road-side altars (often decorated with a small painting of Virgin Mary) for loved ones who had died there.

Teacher Girl