16 March 2008

Carnival of the Cities

Thanks to Amar Chaudhary at Catsynth.com for the mention he gave me on this week's Carnival of the cities for my piece on Graffiti Tourism in Bristol. Apparently the street-art I featured was at least as good as any he'd seen in New York or San Francisco - but then I think Bristol Graffiti artists knew that anyway!

The carnival also featured the walking tour that Karen at Europe a la Carte took while in Berlin to attend the Travel Trade Fair. I agree with Karen that when time's limited, it's worth using a local guide to get the most from your visit - I've heard that the student guides operating for tips at the Colisseum can be good too.

I notice that several other bloggers also made the trip to Berlin including the Eurocheapo team who met up with Hilary from Less than a shoestring, so I'm looking forward to reading more on their blogs about Berlin as a place to visit.

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poetloverrebelspy said...

Hi Heather. Thanks for the mention.

I actually live here in Berlin, so if you have any specific questions, I'm happy to answer them :)

Tudor Bran said...

I really like the graffiti as long as it's done with great taste.