25 March 2008

Carnival of Travel

Many thanks to Amy on Travelhacker for including my post on Planning our Roman Holiday in her latest Carnival of Travel. As well as the long weekend in Rome, I also have a trip to Valencia coming up shortly, so I seem to be doing nothing but reading and researching recently to get the maximum enjoyment from our trips.

I took a look at some of the other posts in the carnival this week, and enjoyed the musings of The Mystic Atheist on the tension of being at home (living abroad), while life continues at home (where you came from) without you. On a similar theme of cultural immersion I smiled at Christine from Me, my Kid and Life's observations of a fellow American in a supermarket queue, demonstrating in his every guesture the differences between French and American culture. How come I never notice all these cultural nuances while standing in a check-out line?

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iffatali said...

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