18 March 2008

Liverpool poets and the flutter of a butterfly's wing

I met this week with the friends and neighbours who make up our local book group - this month we were reading the works of the Liverpool poets. The poets in question are Adrian Henri, Roger McGough, and Brian Patten who were contemporaries of the Beatles and started out reading their poetry in the 1960s in the clubs and coffee bars of Liverpool, at a time when poetry was becoming part of pop culture and accessible to all.

My favourite is Roger McGough, who is still going strong today, and this poem of his reminded me of the post I wrote back in January about the Egyptian fisherman who created chaos in the blogsphere.

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anja said...

You chose a beautiful poem, Heather! I love it - simple and touching.

laradunston said...

I love this too! (I've been reading and writing about Wordsworth). I'll have to check Anja's story out. Gorgeous pic too!.

Just voted for you! And signed up myself. Also discovered Kim Wildman from Wild on Writing + Travel had nominated me the 'best of blogs' one, so I nominated a few blogs there too. (Not sure how many you can nominate...) Go sign up and I'll vote for you.

I've missed reading you - been too busy travelling - and deadline now of course - but I'll catch up next week. Happy easter - whatever that means. What does that mean?