31 March 2008

Roman holiday - the movie

I'm going for a full-on multi-media experience in preparing for my forthcoming trips and with this in mind I borrowed a couple of films about Rome from my local library.

First on was Roman Holiday. This is a charmingly lightweight tale of a princess (Audrey Hepburn) who briefly escapes her gilded cage to go wild (by 50s standards) in Rome for 24 hrs with an impoverished but principled journalist (Gregory Peck). I put it on at the weekend, hoping to watch it with my son for some mother and son bonding before our Roman Holiday.

First mistake - try prising any boy away from an MSN conversation with his friends. Reluctantly he joined me.

Can I just watch it for half an hour?
We settled down but during our negotiations he had missed so much that I had to keep stopping to explain what was going on.

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