29 March 2008

Sounds of the city - podcasts

After the rather emotional theme of my last post on ways to remember the dead, I decided we were in need of practical and informative post to redress the balance.

I've been observing how different forms of media are converging - the division between print media and on-line media is blurring and more blogs are incorporating podcasts and videos as well as photography and the written word. It's one of the benefits of the on-line media that we bloggers can create a multi-sensory experience both to invoke the feeling of being there and to provide useful information for the traveller.

So in the interests of research and hoping to find something useful for my forthcoming trips to Valencia and Rome, I started exploring the travel podcasts available and have been enjoying the audio experience as I walk to work each day.

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Craig said...

Thanks so much for the link and recommendation, Heather. It's much appreciated.

Where are you at the moment? Where are you heading?

Craig from the Indie Travel Podcast

Julie said...

Thanks for mentioning www.audioguide2go.com we are becoming more and more popular and will soon be adding our 1000th audio trail