17 March 2008

My travels on a plate

For many years I collected painted plates to hang on my kitchen wall - every time we went on holiday I would buy another to add to the collection. Now my kitchen walls are as full as I want them to be (in these minimalist days) and I've moved on to collecting mugs and tea towels from my travels. More practical than decorative, I agree, but why not enjoy beautiful things in everyday life?

On the rare occasions when I relax in my kitchen (in between emptying the dishwasher and putting on another load of laundry) my plates bring back memories of the holidays when I bought them.

A friend of mine worked in Istanbul for several years and on my visits to see her, I fell in love with the blue and white Iznik tiles that we saw in the Topkapi Palace and Blue mosque.

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

These are *so* beautiful. I particularly love your bowls from Arasta Bazaar. Stunning.

Prêt à Voyager said...

I love the idea of collecting plates when you travel! My dad always brought back tea cups and saucers for my grandparents during his travels (even harder to pack!). I find myself drawn to dishware and home goods as a way to show off where I've been.


Dionysia Avouri said...

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